Do you want to sing?

GREAT!  I want to help!

As a trained operatic singer with a background in musical theater and popular vocals, I like to help provide a solid and healthy technique for every vocal style.  My past students have starred in regional theater productions, been accepted into Laguardia HIgh School for the Performing Arts, and gone from thinking they were tone deaf to being able to nail some Kid Rock at Karaoke.  Whether your goal is Broadway or just to improve your Aretha impression, I'm here for you!

Lessons are taught in NYC midtown studios, my home in Washington Heights or at student's home

Contact caitlin.mckechney@gmail.com for rates and scheduling!

"I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Caitlin McKechney over several months.  If not for her relocation, I would still be doing so.  I truly enjoyed the time we spent together and found her instruction to be very helpful.  Her knowledge of the mechanics of singing and her ability to make me understand and apply them was such a great help and her love of and talent for music never failed to inspire me.  I envy anyone who has an opportunity to work with her and would advise them to waste no time in taking advantage of it." - Alice Hansen


"My voice lessons with Caitlin McKechney were some of the most useful as well as most enjoyable learning experiences I've ever had.  She possesses an amazing control over the mechanics of singing and a keen sense of what type of musical pieces will bring out the beauty in her students' voices.  Because of these skills, Caitlin was a tremendous help during my college audition process.  Caitlin's explanations and demonstrations of vocal technique were clear and understandable, which really helped me apply them to myself and acquire a fuller and more mature voice intonation.  A lovely person as well as an extraordinary singer and actress, her criticisms were always constructive and encouraging and her positive attitude helped me grow to be a more confident person as I grew to become better singer.  The passion she has for music and her eagerness to share her knowledge with students makes her a great mentor as well as friend." - Ariel Clark-Semyck Chicago IL