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Muse: The Women of Picasso

What if we could hear their story?

Muse: The Women of Picasso tells the story of the portraits created by the legendary painter of his wives, lovers, daughters and... Gertrude Stein.  Set in a portrait gallery, the paintings finally get a chance to tell THEIR story. 


Our Story... Their Story

In 2017, Caitlin visited the National Portrait Gallery in London to see an exhibit of Picasso's work.  A lover of art history, she was familiar with his work and different styles, but this exhibit struck her in a different way...  She began to ask questions about who these women were and how they were all drawn to be drawn by a man who seemed to steal the life from them while he immortalized them for the world.  A world that would know their images, but forget their names.

Told from the perspective of his friend and sometimes subject, Gertrude Stein, we are introduced to the women and their stories.  

What would happen if these paintings could tell us what they saw?  What would happen if these paintings could sing?

Picasso short demo - 5_17_22, 4.21 PM

Meet The Team

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