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M c K E C H N E Y


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“As La Périchole herself, Caitlin McKechney was marvelous, a lush mezzo with low notes like pools of water and just the right mix of long-suffering and flirty.  [...] her drunk scene was a delightful blend of tipsy slurs, physical comedy and fine singing, and her “Why are men so stupid?” aria brought down the house.”

​The News Tribune


"As the lesbian Inez who has aided in the murder of her cousin’s husband, the coolly sexy Caitlin McKechney is clearly the show’s star. Her alluring mezzo-soprano timbre, incisive verbal articulation, expressive eyes and catlike movements rivet attention." - South Florida Classical Review

"Perhaps the evening’s most touching moment was McKechney’s performance of Dinah’s monologue at the analyst’s office as she longs for “a quiet place.” This beautiful solo is a haunting confession of sadness in the great American tradition of operatic composers such as Gian Carlo Menotti and Douglas Moore. The smoky depth of McKechney’s lower register registered Dinah’s loneliness. By contrast her description of the movie “Island Magic” was a musical comedy turn, done with the showstopping high style of a Mary Martin." - Lawrence Budman, South Florida Classical Review

E V E N T S​



Sept 28, 2023

Opera Cowgirls in Amarillo, TX

West Texas A&M Subscription Series



Oct. 28th and 29th, 2023
Ma Moss in The Tenderland (selections)

Copland's America

First Coast Opera

St. Augustine, FL



Nov. 9th, 2023
Opera Cowgirls

Songs of the South

Pensacola Opera 

Pensacola, FL


Upcoming performances to be announced soon!

Check back soon for exciting performance updates for Caitlin in the coming weeks and months!  Rumors of Puccini and Loesser are swirling.....

Caitlin joins the Encompass Arts roster

Caitlin is thrilled to (re)join the roster of Encompass Arts after a pandemic break while she also had a baby (who is now 3 years old!).  The roster, founded by Kathy Olsen, boasts Broadway stars, opera royalty and TVs brightest... Caitlin is thrilled to be represented by a roster who enthusiastically represents such diverse artists!

PEARLSNAPS AND PEARLS: Opera Cowgirls tracks out on Spotify!

The Opera Cowgirls can now be heard on SPOTIFY!  Check out Caitlin's original composition, Pearlsnaps and Pearls, as well as Mon Coeur and O Mio Babbino... as well as their holiday EP, A Very Merry Cowgirl Christmas!

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