Caitlin McKechney       mezzo-soprano


Education outreach with Opera Santa Barbara

I have taught voice lessons privately for over the past 8 years, and I am passionate about helping people find their voice.  My students have ranged in age from 6 to over 60 and we've covered musical styles from opera to rock 'n' roll.  I have enjoyed teaching students of all levels and styles, drawing on my wide range of musical experience.  I have taught privately in Chicago and Lake Bluff, IL, in New York City and also at the School of Rock.

I am always focused on helping a student achieve their personal goals, whether that is getting into the musical program of their choice or just gaining the courage to rock out at the local Karaoke bar.  My approach is always personal to the musical tastes, experience level and personality of any student.  My students have been accepted into highly selective performing arts programs, including the FAMEous (please excuse my pun!) Laguardia High School in New York, featured in lead roles in regional musical theater companies, performed concerts of ACDC and Led Zepplin, and, just as importantly, have conquered their fears about singing in public.

As I travel the country as a performer myself, I miss teaching terribly.  So I am setting up to be in the first wave of pioneers that teach lessons via the INTERNET, either by Skype or Facetime.  I have given lessons and taken lessons from my own teacher via Skype and find it to work fantastically!  Please email me at to set up a time!


"My voice lessons with Caitlin McKechney were some of the most useful as well as most enjoyable learning experiences I've ever had.  She possesses an amazing control over the mechanics of singing and a keen sense of what type of musical pieces will bring out the beauty in her students' voices.  Because of these skills, Caitlin was a tremendous help during my college audition process.  Caitlin's explanations and demonstrations of vocal technique were clear and understandable, which really helped me apply them to myself and acquire a fuller and more mature voice intonation.  A lovely person as well as an extraordinary singer and actress, her criticisms were always constructive and encouraging and her positive attitude helped me grow to be a more confident person as I grew to become better singer.  The passion she has for music and her eagerness to share her knowledge with students makes her a great mentor as well as friend." - Ariel Clark-Semyck Chicago IL

"Caitlin is amazing!! I had the best experience with her. I starting singing as a hobby with no intention of going in a professional route. Even with that information, Caitlin provided me with so much knowledge and created a really comfortable environment where I could sing my heart out. I highly recommend Caitlin she really is an amazing teacher and immensely talented." - Dani Darmanin, Brooklyn NY

"I learned so much from Caitlin and really improved my technique. More than that, though, we had so much fun doing it! I consider myself so lucky to have had her as a teacher!" - Alice Hansen, Lake Forest IL