Caitlin McKechney       mezzo-soprano

How the Irish Got That Way

Thrilled to be breaking out my guitar skills and Irish accent for this magnificent piece by Frank McCourt, author of Angela's Ashes and 'Tis.  Come on over to Buck's County Performing Arts Center and enjoy the show!

"We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams."

Offenbach's hilarious operetta, featuring the famous "tipsy waltz," opens at Tacoma Opera in April featuring Caitlin in the title role.

La Périchole with Tacoma Opera 

"Powerhouse Mezzo" - Albert Williams, Chicago Reader


Farewell Tacoma, farewell Peru...


Leaving behind Tacoma Washington and it's Peruvian backdrop is certainly bittersweet.  I had a wonderful experience singing the title role in Offenbach's La Perichole with an incredible cast and crew.  Tacoma Opera's General Director Noel Koran had cast me in my first operatic role EVER, Meg Page in Verdi's Falstaff at Northwestern Universtiy, so it was great to reunite with him years later and across the country! 

"As La Périchole herself, Caitlin McKechney was marvelous, a lush mezzo with low notes like pools of water and just the right mix of long-suffering and flirty. ...her drunk scene was a delightful blend of tipsy slurs, physical comedy and fine singing, and her “Why are men so stupid?” aria brought down the house." - Rosemary Ponnekanti, The News Tribune