Adventures in Opera!

Hi all!  I am currently abroad for a few months, based in Berlin, Germany.  I will be spending my time auditioning for agents, coaching and practicing my German (by choice or necessity, depending on the situation...).  I will also be delving (back) into the world of blogging, having kept a blog of the same name, "Adventures in Opera", while I was beginning my travels as a young artist in California and Florida.  I plan on updating this blog with real-life experiences about my life as an opera singer, as well as tips for other young singers from someone who has been going through it for the past *ehem* years, or so.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings! 

Caitlin is featured on Thomas Sleeper's collection of 8 thought-provoking and beautiful one-act operas, released by Albany Records on March. 1st, 2015.  To purchase, click here.

Hydrogen Jukebox with Nashville Opera



Caitlin returns to Nashville Opera this fall as a soloist in Phillip Glass's opera Hydrogen Jukebox, based on the poetry of Allen Ginsberg.  



"Powerhouse Mezzo" - Albert Williams, Chicago Reader

Sleeper's "Einstein's Inconsistency

Caitlin McKechney       mezzo-soprano